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the Black Rose [userpic]
Scaring myself everyday
by the Black Rose (black_rose)
at July 12th, 2005 (01:40 pm)

From my creativity coaching lesson:

We must risk in our own creative lives. This means that
each of us should try projects that scare us, market in ways that scare us,
and every day do something that scares us. This is anti-biological, as we
are not built to want to scare ourselves, and also completely
species-sensible, as we are creatures who understand that to get what we
want may mean that we have to do things that scare us.

If you are a major league batter facing a pitcher throwing a hundred
miles an hour, the first fraction of a second after he throws the ball is
spent making sure that the ball is not drilled toward your head. That is
our natural instinct making sure that we are safe. After that split second,
you turn to trying to hit the ball. You deal with the fear and then you act
powerfully. Creating is just like that. You deal with the fear that you
are wasting your time spending a year or two on your inchoate novel in
whatever ways you have learned to deal with that fear and then you write
powerfully. If you can deal with fears of that sort in a split second, you
will do an awful lot of creating.